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 Fire sleeve Temperature Resistant & Flame Retardant

This product has been developed as a temperature resist and flame retardant sheath for use on a wide variety of hydraulic hoses, when they are installed in high risk application. It gives longer shutdown opportunity in the event of an emergency and because Fire Sleeve has low smoke and toxicity properties, it is safer for use in confined areas than other protective materials.

FIRE SLEEVE ensures an excellent fire protection for hoses exposed to temperatures up to maximum of +1100 deg C, and for minimum period of 15 minutes according to SAE Aerospace Standard AS 1055B.

FIRE SLEEVE is thick-wall braided glass-fiber sleeving, with a flame retardant silicon rubber external coating, which can be easily installed on cables and hoses. The layer of glass fiber ensures thermal protection and provides a barrier against flame and molten splashes.


Flexibility even at low temperature (-55 deg C)
Working temperature range -55 deg C to +260 deg C
Peak temperature 15 minutes @ 1100.deg C

APPLICATIONS : Fire sleeve is intended for use in furnaces, ships engine rooms, submarines, military vehicles, fire fighting apparatus, lifts and many other hydraulics applications where life of equipments may be put in jeopardy as a result of fire.